About Us

Everyday we use wrappings without a second thought and throw  them away. They deserve a second chance, transforming themselves, to show their new utility to the world that rejected them.

They need to redeem themselves, from their sentenced life cycle, to realize their dream. Our work is to resuscitate materials and find lost treasures in the discarded items of the modern world´s progress. And we have lots of fun doing it.

About Us


The worldwide problem of plastic waste is immense. 

 Between 1950 – 2018, an estimated 6.3 billion tonnes of plastics have been produced globally. A great deal of it ends up in landfills and the world’s oceans as waste, polluting coast lines, killing marine life and collecting in oceanic gyres – forming floating garbage patches, some the size of France. Plastic production also contributes to greenhouse emissions and climate change. Such an immense issue can seem overwhelming, but Sabine Janneck, founder of Circle Cook Islands and co-proprietor of The Big Fish Dive Centre, has woven an innovative local response, turning plastic waste into everyday fashion objects. How everything started please click below.

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Circle Cook Islands is making bags since 2014.

you can see most of our products here