YumYum designer bag in the making

It all starts with an idea! One of my first wallets where made out of YumYum noodle packages. I always loved the colors. Ever since my first solo art exhibition i wanted to make a up-cycled big bag – made out of this plastic. It took me 7 years to collect the amount of packages to even start.

This is the Robert Harris Handbag which i made for the exhibition. It was sold in within 5 minutes and could have been sold 4 times. But all my bags are unique so there is only one Robert Harris bag

Robert Harris Handbag
Robert Harris handbag
YumYum noodle packages
Robert Harris handbag
First step is to collect all the YumYum packages you can get. My friend Jennie was a great help with that as her kids eat this kind of noodles a lot. I would not have been able to do it without her.
Choosing the templates is crucial as it defines the size of the finished bag. Because you have different sizes of plastic pieces, the bag gets a beautiful rounded middle. This means lots of room for your phone, diary, keys and much more.

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